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convert your site from CFM to ASP today. Home convert your site from CFM to ASP today.

CFM2ASP™ is a powerful program to help convert from ColdFusion® to Microsoft® Active Server Pages (ASP) written in VBScript.

Windows 98 / XP / NT / 2000 / 2008 and at least 32MB Ram is required. The code editor in CFM2ASP is stocked with tons of your favorite features such as line numbers and auto indent.

Buy CFM2ASP and convert your Coldfusion (CFM) site to Active Server Page (ASP) today

See what programmers are saying about CFM2ASP:

"If you are looking to save some time this tool will do that and It isn't complicated to use at all."
Larry Hoffman
"It worked well and had a simple interface. There are so many differences between CFM and ASP that this program is amazing. It fills in Database connection strings, converts almost all tags a bunch of functions and every variable reference I have ever used. I recommend it to anyone who uses both languages."
Jenny Lincoln
"As you know we are in the middle of a huge conversion project, we just love your program. I don't know where we would be without it. It's saving us at least 80% of the time it would have taken"
Elaine Kim

Those who have tried to convert a web site or even just a few pages from ColdFusion® to ASP know how long this can take. Most people would tell you the best method would be to start over with ASP. Now you can convert a page from CFM to ASP in about a minute. Please feel free to download a copy of CFM2ASP to see for yourself. Or Buy it Now for only $99 with 100% Unconditional 30-day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee!

If you know ColdFusion® but not ASP don't worry you won't need to know ASP to convert most pages. If you do have to finish converting some part yourself the CodeHelp feature will guide you through the ASP language.

For ASP programmers who are unfamiliar with CFM the CodeHelp feature will let you know what any CFM tag or function does.

Please take the tour to view screen shots and see the program layout.


convert your site from CFM to ASP today. Download convert your site from CFM to ASP today.
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download CFM2ASP and convert your site from CFM to ASP today

Buy CFM2ASP, 30 day risk free money back guarantee!
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